Posted by: The Gilded Closet | 04/14/2009

Would you rather…

Would you rather own 5 items of OK closet filler or 1 item of true quality?
There are many small town’s around the nation where this is not even an option. You have the raggedy strip malls with the same stores thrown into each one.
I grew up in this very type of town. Wet Seal, Gap and American Eagle. It’s what I had and so I would rummage through the sales rack’s in hopes of finding something. Perhaps even without an obnoxious label saying ” Hey don’t bother asking where I got this, I had them print the tag face out.” That is NOT fashion!
I want my clothes to make me feel special. Well guess what I no longer live there and God forbid I ever have to shop like that again. The way you look is your decision so take control. Shop to last. Get those items that make people gawk. You deserve them.

Take a look at this dainty, gorgeous vest by Matthew Williamson.
It’s something special, a true fashion piece.


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