Posted by: The Gilded Closet | 05/27/2009

Willamette Week’s Retail Therapist Gives A Nod To The Gilded Closet

Willamette Week’s Retail Therapist has give a nod to The Gilded Closet on their blog…

Willamette Week Retail Therapist keeps reading about how the second-hand market is booming ITE (in this economy), and a quick browse of our favorite consignment shops confirms it. The influx of high-end designer goods in resale stores right now is unprecedented, and new boutiques are opening all the time. To wit: Northwest Portland’s The Gilded Closet. On Tuesday, they had temptingly-priced items by Chloe, Marni, Chanel, Development, Jimmy Choo…the list goes on. You’ll also find some original new merchandise, such as the whimsical charm necklaces (one pictured with black dress, above) made especially for the store by local designer Brehan Todd, and custom-made moccasins by local artist Randi Whipple. Now is the time to buy low! The Gilded Closet, 1024 NW 19th Ave., (503) 222-1554.


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