Posted by: The Gilded Closet | 05/30/2009

Socialite Stroll

The scene in Portland has so much to offer that we have decided to go exploring at least once a week to bring you what we like to call the Socialite Stroll.

This past Tuesday we hit up Vault for their Forkfly event and that’s just the prelude. Check out the pic’s to find out how Lizzie went from a royal blue snakeskin flat to  5 inch Gucci heels and  Jacob’s striped cardigan morphed into a hard core biker vest.

After we finished up a delicious salad and several cocktails at Vault, we hit up Olive or Twist, picked up a snack at Casa Del Matador with some fabulous new friends, stopped in at Muu Muu’s, and finished up the evening at our neighborhood pirate bar Wimpy’s. We laughed, we cried, we air kissed, we passed out dozens of cards, drank copious amounts of liquor and all the while looking fabulous.

All in all, our first Socialite Stroll was a screaming success. Look for us next Tuesday when we hit the town again in search of the Portland hot spots.

If you want to see how events unfolded, click the little photo of Lizzie…


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