Posted by: The Gilded Closet | 06/27/2009

Lizzie Loves: Glitz & Glamour!

Day in and day out fabulous women press up into shop, and the question I am asked most often is, “should I get it?”. I always advise these lovely ladies to go for the “I LOVE” items and not the “I LIKE” items. The feeling when you open up those closet doors and you go, I own that,  that’s what to strive for when you’re thinking about developing your personal style. You should build your wardrobe around a few kew pieces and then a few others that are your fun items.

Think of that perfect black pant suit with a boldly colored heel, or a classic cashmere over-coat with a slinky little dress under it. The perfect heel can always be used to punch up even the most basic black suit.

Leggings, textured tights, costume jewelry, wraps, scarves, bags, belts, and gloves are all fabulous accessories that can add major flair to your wardrobe without busting the bank.

We have fabulous new inventory, and there are, without a doubt, some I LOVE items…

Gaze on this fabulous skirt by GENNY which is the brainchild of Arnaldo Girombelli. He started this label back in 1961 he also was one of the first who recognized the genius of Gianni Versace who was at that time was a rising young designer. The collaboration between Genny and Gianni Versace lasted until 1994. The trivia adds a lot of vooom to this skirt!!

Genny Glamour

Genny Glamour

price upon request: (503) 222.1554 // SOLD

The Gilded Closet – A Consignment Boutique

1024 N.W. 19th Ave., Portland, 97209


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