Posted by: The Gilded Closet | 12/18/2009

Bottega Veneta Chocolate Leather Goodness

If this bag from the luxury goods power-house of Bottega Veneta was a piece of chocolate, it would take an entire village of small island people to eat it all up!

The leather is soft and supple; it has a fabulous unstructured shape; and lots of room to carry your BlackBerry, diet books, make-up, mace, sunglasses, pill bottles, and all the other little goodies you would want to carry in this very beautiful handbag.

Bottega Veneta does good bag.

Luxury Handbag Seeking New Home

Price upon request: (503) 222.1554 //

In order to provide our customers with the very highest level of service, we ask that e-mails include a reference to the item of interest, a name, and a phone number.

The Gilded Closet – A Consignment Boutique

The Gilded Closet:

1024 N.W. 19th Ave

Portland, OR 97209

(between Marshall and Lovejoy)



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